Apple balanceits USB-C adaptersforthenew MacBook Pro

androidm-typecThe Apple brandrespondedtocriticsofitslatest MacBook bybreakingthepricesofitsconnectors.

In the Face ofcriticismofitsnew MacBook Pro, Apple breaksthepricesofitsadapters. The American band seemstohaveheardthegrowlprovokedbyitscustomersbythesleekconnectionofthe MacBook presented at theendofOctober. Finer, more powerful and with a tactileTouchBartoprogramshortcutsbased on software, thelatterareonlyequippedwithUSB-C HUBplugs, whichreplacetheusual USB ports classic, HDMI and theinputfor SD Microcard.

These versatile portsaretwiceas fast asthe classic USB and arecapableofcarryingboththeimage, thesound, thedata and theelectriccurrentthatcanbeusedtorechargethedevice. Theyareadvertisedasthenextcomputerstandardforconnectivity but are still farfromwidespread. And most electronic devicesare not yetsoldwith USB-C sockets.

Discounts of about twenty euros until the end of the year


By imposingthisstandard, Apple forceduserstoequipthemselveswithadaptersiftheywantedtocontinuepluggingdevicesusingconventional outlets. The siteNumeramahadthuscalculatedthatitwouldbenecessarytospendbetween 100 and 200 euros, depending on the high average, tobeabletoconnectthenew MacBook to an electrical outlet whileconnecting an external harddrive and an HDMI output at the same time. Many internetusersweremovedbythisnew Apple technology break, whichtookplace a fewweeks after theremovaloftheIPhone 7 jack.


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